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Mike's Pet Grooming & Boarding

     "We feel so fortunate to have Mike in our lives!  When we lived in Ottawa, we went to Mike’s Pet Grooming for our little toy poodle, Penny.  Then we moved over an hour away.  Finding an excellent groomer became extremely difficult, things that were customary with Mike (like excretion of the anal glands, removal of the hair in the ears, and nail clipping) were NOT routine with the other groomers.  We were shocked at how other groomers treated our furry friend as a number rather than as a family member. 

     Penny has since passed away and we have a new toy poodle named Mocha.  It didn’t take long before we decided to travel back to Ottawa every time she needs groomed.  Mike loves our dog as much as we do and what the other groomers consider “extras” are customary with Mike’s Pet Grooming.  The drive is every bit worth the EXCELLENT care and service we get from Mike’s Pet Grooming!"

Thank you, Mike!

Bob & Ria Schroeder


"Mike Niese has been my groomer and my dog's best friend for about 15 years.  My dog Harley loved him so much.  He takes so much time and patience with him.  He has so much love for my dogs.  He has given me advice on taking care of the dogs which has been "right on target."  I have also boarded my dogs at Mike's and greatly recommend that also!  My Harley is gone now, but my new adventurous dog Grady is quickly falling in love with Mike!"

Sue Felkey, Kalida Ohio

"After moving and having to start all over with a new groomer, I was very nervous and reluctant. I found Mike and made an appointment-from the moment I spoke to him on the phone, to walking in his door; I felt so much better because this guy was down to earth and I knew that the job was going to get done right. Then, I came back to pick up Vinny after his first appointment with Mike and he was so handsome! I had ALWAYS gotten Vinny groomed and loved him then...But honestly, I felt as though Vinny had never been properly groomed until Mike! I never knew a difference until now-I love Mike's Pet Grooming & Boarding!"

Thank you for being YOU, Mike!

Jessica Miller

"We have known Mike a number of years, he has taken care of 3 dogs for us over the years the first one was our beloved Mandy, she enjoyed going to Mike's.  She knew she would be pretty-then was Chan, he was a struggle at first. All Pekingese are stubborn, but he loved his baths and smelling good-he even liked his bows on his ears. Now Mike has Sadie, a rescue dog, scared at first but quite comfortable now. She likes to see who can get out of the door first.  Mike is a loving person to his four leg charges-we would not go anywhere else, we drive from Findlay to take Sadie to see Mike every month and it is worth the drive."                    

Francis Knapp
Findlay, Ohio

"We have been raising Scottish Terrier puppies for over 20 years and during that time Mike has groomed all six of our mother dogs and several of our customer's puppies. Mike does an excellent job of grooming and always is considerate of the feelings of each dog. Also, Mike is always happy to groom our customer's puppies because we work with each puppy to make them receptive of the groomer's tools. We highly recommend Mike Niese as a competent pet groomer."
Karen and Dick Okuley
Okuley's Scotties
 Glandorf, OH

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